Thermotek Direct/Indirect Fired and Make-up Air Systems

Thermotek Direct Gas Fired Make-Up Air, Indirect Fired Heater, Exhaust Fans, and Commercial Kitchen Ventilation.
Thermotek has developed a wide range of products designed with the end-user in mind.  Engineered to provide maximum performance, operating efficiencies, and flexibility to meet almost any application need.

Direct Fired Heater
-Casing is G-90 galvanized steel
-Formed G-90 galvanized steel base
-FC-DWDI centrifugal blower assembly
-30:1 turndown ratio burner
Model TTH - Industrial Direct Fired Horizontal - Single or Twin Blowers
Model TTH-M - Industrial Direct Fired Recirculating Horizontal Heater 80/20 - Single or Twin Blowers
Model TTV - Industrial Direct Fired Vertical Heater - Single or Twin Blowers
Model TTV-M - Industrial Direct Fired Vertical Recirculating Heater 80/20 - Single or Twin Blowers

Indirect Fired
Model T-IBT - Modular Indirect-Fired Bent Tube Heaters
Designed to deliver clean air into an indoor environment. The push through design ensures that combustion fumes will not enter the fresh air stream. Designed for indoor or outdoor installation, and can be used either natural or propane gas.
-Bent tube in-shot style furnace with type 409 stainless steel heat exchanger
-6:1 turndown per furnace, 28:1 max
-Variable speed power-vent motor 

Make-up Air
Model MPU - Modular Packaged Unit
Designed to be a factory packaged air conditioning and heating unit for 100% Outdoor Air (OA) applications. The modular packaged cooling unit is optimized to work in conjunction with highly efficient make-up air delivery methods, such as perimeter supply plenums.  The unit can have either a down or end discharge and can be used with both electric and gas heat.

Thermotek, Lakeville, MN