Solaronics Gas Infrared Heaters

Solaronics gas fired infrared heaters for industrial, commercial, spot or area heating.

Solaronics Gas Infra Red heaters can help reduce your heating costs 30% - 50% and provide you with substantial annual fuel savings.  Of the many benefits offered by the Suntube, fuel efficiency tops the list.  Gas infra-red heaters deliver up to 60% input to the floor, so the floor will be warmer than the air and the ceiling temperatures will be lower than air at the working level.  Your fuel cost is reduced because you are heating your facility and not exhausting your warmest temperatures.

Low Intensity Gas Infra-Red Heaters
Suntube heaters create heat with infra-red rays, an energy form similar to the sun's rays warming the earth.  The Suntube's highly polished reflectors focus infra-red energy that is converted into heat as it reaches absorbtive objects such as wood and concrete floors, machines, and of course, people.  The surrounding air is then warmed by conduction and convection.

Suntube IV 
Proven system design, with each reflector rotating independently, and burner fully assembled and tested.  All low-intensity heaters available in a straight tube or U-tube configuration.

True Dual Modulation
Energy efficient heater that lowers operating costs and improves indoor comfort and air quality.  The 2-stage operation has both air and gas flows which are modulated to provide precise air and gas ratios at both the high and low heat stages.

Stainless Steel Single and Two Stage

Withstand the high humidity and corrosive environments of car washes, swimming pools, and chemical manufacturing plants. Stainless steel burner with SS blower enclosure, SS tube clamps, reflectors, and mounting brackets.

Suntube IV GQ Series Single and Two Stage
Proven system design, with swaged tubes and reflector hanging brackets-economically priced.

Residential Garage Heater 
A stand-alone system that brings energy saving radiant heat to a wide variety of hard to heat-spaces.  It affords the home hobbyist the opportunity to a warm, comfortable environment when using the garage for leisure activities.

High-Intensity Gas Infra-Red Heaters

Single Stage
Reliable, energy saving comfort heating with all the advantages. Compact and durable with a modular design.  Capable of reaching full intensity temperature in less than 30 seconds with a stable flame.

SunTwin Two Stage
Two-stage operation based on ambient temperature variations. Eliminate excess heat when not needed. Capable of fast recovery when temperatures fall.

Direct Fired Gas DoorJet Heater - Stainless Steel

DoorJet heaters stop the chills and wasted energy that occurs when outside bay doors are opened in industrial plants and warehouses.  The in-rushing cold air is tempered by the DoorJet's heat surge, keeping employees working in the area comfortable.  Fully automatic operation - you don't have to remember to turn the DoorJet on.

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